"Christ-centered churches among all African peoples with priority for the unreached."

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God’s Answer to a Prayer for Healing

One elder (known to us all in the team) in the community has a daughter who has been sick for six months. He brought her back to to the village because he wanted the Christians to pray for her, knowing that Jesus could heal her. Our team mates there prayed for her. They write: “Praise… Read more »

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Thank You AIM Family

Over the past couple days, I’ve had the thoughts I wanted to share in this email running through my mind, but nothing has seemed sufficient to express our incredible gratitude for all that the AIM family has done to help us over the past few days. We are overwhelmed by the generosity and responsiveness of… Read more »

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Answered Prayer Request for M’s Health

From M&J along the coast: Thanks to those who prayed for our neighbor, M. Her health improved several days after we asked for prayer. We are also praying that she and her husband will be able to have children. They have been married about seven years and her husband told me that if they don’t… Read more »

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Opportunity to Show Christian Films

We heard recently from M that he has continued showing Christian films to his neighbours. One particular film has been so enjoyed by his neighbours that they asked him if he could give them the film so that they could show in the Mosque the following Friday. We are thanking God for their openness and… Read more »

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Latest Prayer Requests

Fighting and Foot Washing

From Gary and Deb in Northern Kenya: For the Christians from these different tribes and other tribes we have tried to demonstrated love and forgiveness. At a 4 day gathering…

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Loneliness in a New Culture

Emily: Entering a new culture always sets up a person for awkward exchanges, laughable moments, queasy stomachs, and, at times, lonely days. I can say with certainty that I have…

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Fishermen of Zanzibar

By: Brian Arensen

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